2019 – Intentions and mindsets

January 1, 2019 by Tamelamusic0

Happy new year ! Great things are on there way and to make sure I am putting
my learnings in action I hereby have:  Intentions , visions and wait for it ….
a value-centered-desiciones-making-mindset.

And I’ll start with shorter time slots. 1 month or a few months at a time.

Genes are not destiny. Galss Free for 5 months.

I commit to can take care of my health by nursing my body.
Galss Free – (Gluten, Alcohol, Lactose, Soda and Sugar) till May 2019.

Social media detox. 

Facebook, Instagram, twitter and Snapchat are dis-installed from
my phone for one month. I will be more active here in my webpage and


I have a hyperactive mind that very often wont let me sleep.
So.. 2 hours before sleeping. No phone use, no computer or movies.
Books, yoga or composting..

Read a book or 2 a month.

I love my audiobook app and I intend to combine that with fiscal books.
It is an investment but I think of it as if I where to buy
4 cups of coffee in a month.

Early workout 3-4 time a week. 

You know why.. more energy, boosts my metabolism, more concentrated
though-out the day, better health and body.

Keep learning. 

In internet course a month.

Drink water !! 

I used to drink 4 bottles of water a day.. I have to get back to at least 3!


Happy new year everybody !



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