January 1, 2019 0


Happy new year ! Great things are on there way and to make sure I am putting
my learnings in action I hereby have:  Intentions , visions and wait for it ….
a value-centered-desiciones-making-mindset.

And I’ll start with shorter time slots. 1 month or a few months at a time.

Genes are not destiny. Galss Free for 5 months.

I commit to can take care of my health by nursing my body.
Galss Free – (Gluten, Alcohol, Lactose, Soda and Sugar) till May 2019.

Social media detox. 

Facebook, Instagram, twitter and Snapchat are dis-installed from
my phone for one month. I will be more active here in my webpage and


I have a hyperactive mind that very often wont let me sleep.
So.. 2 hours before sleeping. No phone use, no computer or movies.
Books, yoga or composting..

Read a book or 2 a month.

I love my audiobook app and I intend to combine that with fiscal books.
It is an investment but I think of it as if I where to buy
4 cups of coffee in a month.

Early workout 3-4 time a week. 

You know why.. more energy, boosts my metabolism, more concentrated
though-out the day, better health and body.

Keep learning. 

In internet course a month.

Drink water !! 

I used to drink 4 bottles of water a day.. I have to get back to at least 3!


Happy new year everybody !



December 23, 2018 0


This has been an amazing year. My first hole year back in Sweden. Always traveling between my countries.. but it's not till now.. 2018..that I understood and learned the following.

Take care of your body... It won't magically take care of itself.

I have an orthopaedic handicap. I have had it for years. And for some reason I though that it was a good idea to save money and that I no longer needed those expensive 300 dollar orthopaedic shoes any more. Winter jacket? No.. why spend 400 dollars on a winter jacket? It can't be such a different... Organic food? Food is food isn't it?

You get the idea... So now.. after a lot of hits and turns my take is : Don't be cheap with yourself. Not with your health, protection and what you put inside your body. Believe me.. The bill will be so much bigger if you don't invest in you. Good quality items last longer and good quality food keeps you healthier, happier and thus more beautiful.

Be 105 you %

I'm a chameleon.. Always have been. Not by choice or actively nor consciously but for survival.

Being Costa Rican, Swedish, Ecuadorian, attending North American schools, studying in Cuba after high school, once married to an Italian and speaking many languages it becomes easy to have multiple personalities and not question how much you adapt. Much of it is because it many times it easier to not make people uncomfortable. Every country is proud of how Swedish, cuban, tica or whatever country you visit you seem to mimic perfectly. But now I naturally morph to me an every changing and growing me. I appreciate and respect the country I visit.. while being 105% ME!

I CAN find time to read another book.

I love holding a physical book and take notes but these days I can't seem be able to read in peace when I have to change from walking to a train, a tram and a bus.

I had used audiobook apps before but I had at most been an occasional listener. I now I have a wish list and a great ambition to read (or listen) to various books, because the pile only seems to get greater and greater and I seem to never have to time to read them.

So I started with Audible 1 month and a half ago and since then and just by listening to and from home and wherever else I need to go I have managed to finished 5 books and I just started on my 6th. LOVE IT !!

I might not be as obsessed next month but it really is about priorities. I rather spend money and time on a new book then spend the same money on an extra drink at the bar or the same time on instagram.

There are different degrees of extroverts and introverts.

It seems like an obvious thing but moving back to Sweden I realised that there is a very wide parameter in terms introverts and extroverts. Some cultures are more extrovert friendly but Sweden is definitely more introvert populated. I just didn't realise how many different degrees there are. Understanding this changed my life.

Comfort , Stretch  and Danger zone + nudging.

I always like to try new things. I'm curious and easily excited about challenging the limits.What I didn't stop to analyse that if I truly wanted to grow and learn, I had to challenge myself to step into the stretch zone with out entering the danger zone.

The Stretch zone is the place where you best learn, where you really don't have total control but where you are curious and scared enough to try it.

I would often challenge myself various times going to big (entering the danger zone) and not learning but trying over and over again.  I have started to understand how if great use to explore and find where the sweet spot is.. so I can learn the most and keep stretching and widening my comfort zone. Hope this made sense? if not.. check this out Zones

Assume good intentions.

When someone doesn't react the may I wish they would, communicates in a way I don't appreciate or understand or maybe contradicts and challenges everything you I say, it is easy to justify it by thinking: this person doesn't get it,  is mean, uneducated, not smart enough, hates you or it's just a waist of time. But by assuming good intentions I am challenged to see the situation and reaction from that persons point of view. What is he/she seeing that I can't see see? Is this idea threatening something that is important to this person or did I maybe not explain things correctly. No drama needed. Now I challenge myself to look for my unknown unknowns and treat the person with patience and kindness.

From this I learn and actually get new friends instead of a wall between people.

Find, Test and Trust the process.

In an era where so many people are stressed, drained and blinded by work, finding a process is vital. It is easier to communicate, restructure and find support in a framework and process that can challenge, inspire, visualise and guide you. I intend to always look for a suitable process.

Be present, focused and connected - AKA : Don't multitask.

All my life I've been extremely proud of my ability to multitask and I was a strong believer in : 'you can have it all, you just have to make it work.' In a way a still fight that idea.

It took me all this time to FINALLY understand simple math: If I do 5 things at the same time  I am only giving every part my 20 %. attention..


Choose my vocabulary. Own your language

Spanish is a fabulous language that uses a lot of colourful words to turn a perfectly normal and dull situation into an adventure the event of your life. Many of the words that are commonly used have morphed into another meaning and many are not aware.. including me, of the damage one can do by using those word and frases. One may say.. Well I don't mean it that way.. that is not what Im saying but I choose to not use it and if a friend near to me does it, i feel obliged to take notice. So words like : playo, marica, maricón, zorra or english words like bitch and so on.. will not form part of my vocabulary.

THANKS dear friends...

And of course, all these learning have also been inspired, taught or and acknowledged thru and together with friends, mentors and colleagues. So Thank you Seb, Ernesto, Sam, Peter, Stina, Medhane and so many more!