December 23, 2018 0

by Tamelamusic

Being cheap becomes expensive or `Lo barato sale caro´

I have an orthopaedic handicap. I have had it for years. But for some reason I though 
that it was a good idea to save money and that I no longer needed those expensive 300 dollar 
orthopaedic shoes any more. Winter jacket? No.. why spend 400 dollars on a winter jacket?
It can't be such a different... Organic food? Food is food isn't it?

You get the idea... So my take is : Don't be cheap with yourself. Not with your health, 
protection and what you put inside your body. Believe me.. The bill will be so much bigger 
if you don't invest in you. Good quality items last longer and good quality food keep you 
healthier, happier and thus more beautiful.

Be you 105 %

I'm a chameleon.. Always have been. Not but choice or consciously but for survival.
Being Costa Rican, Swedish, Ecuadorian, attending North American schools, studying in Cuba 
after high school, once married to an Italian and speaking many languages it is easy 
to have multiple personalities and not question how much you adapt, to not make people
uncomfortable and proud of how Swedish, cuban, tica or whatever country you visit you seem
to mimic perfectly. Respect the country you visit.. but be 105% YOU!

There are different degrees of extroverts and introverts.

It seems like an obvious thing but moving back to Sweden I realised that there is a very
wide parameter in terms introverts and extroverts. Some cultures are more extrovert friendly 
but Sweden is definitely more introvert friendly. I just didn't realise how many different 
degrees there are. Understanding this changed my life.

Comfort zone, Stretch zone and Danger zone

I always like to try new things. I'm curious and easily excited about challenging the limits.
What I didn't stop to analyse that if I truly wanted to grow and learn, I had to 
challenge myself to step into the stretch zone with out entering the danger zone.
The Stretch zone is the place where you best learn, where you really don't have total control 
but where you are curious and scared enough to try it. I would often challenge myself 
various times going big (entering the danger zone) and not learning but trying over and over 
again. But now I know that it is vital to understand where the sweet spot is.. 
so I can learn the most and keep stretching and widening my comfort zone. 
Did this make sense?

Assume good intentions.

When someone doesn't react the may you wish, communicates in a way you don't appreciate or
understand or maybe contradicts and challenges everything you say, it is easy to justify it 
by thinking: this person is mean, uneducated, not smart enough, hates you or just no keen. 
But by assuming good intentions you are challenged to see the matter from that persons
point of view. What is he/she seeing that you are not seeing? Is this idea threatening 
something that is important to this person or did you maybe no explain things correctly. 
There doesn't have to be drama. Now I look for my unknown unknowns and treat the person with
patience and kindness. 

Find, Test and Trust the process

In an era where so many people are stressed, drained and blinded by work,
finding a process is vital. It is easier to communicate, restructure and find
support in a framework that can challenge, inspire, visualise and guide you. 

Be present, focused and connected – AKA : Don’t multitask.

All my life I've been extremely proud of my ability to multitask and I was a strong 
believer in : 'you can have it all, you just have to make it work.' 
It took me my hole life to finally understand simple math: 
[boldthemes_highlight]If you are doing 5 things at the same time you are only giving every part your 20 %...[/boldthemes_highlight]